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Clinical Trials

Evidence Built on 4 Trials in Multiple Nerve Injuries

Bioelectronic therapy of injured nerves has demonstrated better sensory and functional outcomes, thanks to studies led by Epineuron’s clinical advisors, Drs. Ming Chan and Tessa Gordon from the University of Alberta.

Dr. Ming Chan, MB, ChB, Pioneer in Nerve Regeneration

Dr. Ming Chan, MD

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Alberta
Dr. Tessa Gordon, PhD, Neuroscientist, Pioneer in Nerve Regeneration

Dr. Tessa Gordon, PhD

Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
A new standard in nerve repair | Clinical Trials Epineuron


A New Standard in
Nerve Repair

Building on long standing research evidence from Drs. Gordon and Chan, regenerative bioelectronic therapy has shown to improve the regeneration of injured nerves. Epineuron's  perioperative system is designed to deliver the same proven 1-hour therapeutic paradigm and is currently undergoing further clinical testing for regulatory approval. 

Clinical Trials


REGAIN™ is a multicenter pivotal trial specifically designed to establish the safety and effectiveness of PeriPulse™ in treating traumatic injuries. This 100+ patient trial is prospective, double-blinded, randomized, and a sham-controlled.

REGAIN Trial | Clinical Trials | Epineuron


SELECT™ is a multicenter trial designed to evaluate the feasibility of PeriPulse™ in the treatment of compressive injuries. This trial will drive the design of a larger-scale clinical trial.

SELECT Trial | Clinical Trials | Epineuron

Feasibility Study 

Epineuron shared the results of its initial feasibility study at the American Society for Peripheral Nerve annual meeting in 2022. The findings demonstrated the ease of use and perioperative implementation without the added operating room time to deliver the 1-hour therapeutic paradigm. 

Feasibility Trial | Clinical Trials | Epineuron
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