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Clinical Research

Journal of Experimental Neurology, May 2010, Gordon T, et al.,

Brief post-surgical electrical stimulation accelerates axon regeneration and muscle reinnervation without affecting the functional measures in carpal tunnel syndrome patients

Journal of Annals of Neurology, Feb 2015, Wong JN, et al.,

Electrical Stimulation Enhances Sensory Recovery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal of Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery, Jan 2018, Barber B, et al.,

Intraoperative Brief Electrical Stimulation of Spinal Accessory Nerve (BEST SPIN) for Prevention of Shoulder Dysfunction after Oncologic Neck Dissection: a Double- Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal of Neurosurgery, June 2020, Power HA, et al.,

Postsurgical Electrical Stimulation Enhances Recovery Following Surgery for Severe Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

American Society for Peripheral Nerve (ASPN), Jan 2022, Bain JR, et al.,

Perioperative Clinical Implementation and Usability of a Novel Nerve Stimulator to Enhance Nerve Regeneration

Pre-Clinical Research

Journal of Neuroscience, 2000, Al-Majed AA, et al.,

Brief Electrical Stimulation Promotes the Speed and Accuracy of Motor Axonal Regeneration

Experimental Neurology, 2007, Geremia NM, et al.,

Electrical Stimulation Promotes Sensory Neuron Regeneration and Growth-Associated Gene Expression

Experimental Neurology, 2005, Brushart TM, et al.,

Electrical Stimulation Restores the Specificity of Sensory Axon Regeneration

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