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Bioelectronic Therapy | Epineuron

A New Bioelectronic Treatment Platform

Perioperative Nerve

Peripulse™ delivers electrical impulses directly to the damaged nerve during or shortly after surgery. Therapy is administered for an hour, after which the device is removed, and the process of nerve regeneration begins.

The innovative treatment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each injury and the preferences of each patient, ensuring personalized care that maximizes comfort and promotes optimal outcomes.

Investigational Use Only.

Peripulse Device for Nerve Regeneration using Electrical Stimulation, a Bioelectronic Therapy


Enchanced Nerve Growth  | Peripulse | Epineuron

Enhanced Nerve Growth

This electrical stimulation paradigm has been shown to promote greater outgrowth and survival of nerve fibers. 

Superior Recovery | Peripulse | Epineuron

Superior Recovery

Better reinnervation between treated nerve fibers and target tissues results in superior functional recovery that is sustained years after therapy.

Adjunct to Surgery | Peripulse | Epineuron

Adjunct to Surgery

Conveniently delivered with standard nerve repair procedure, minimizing trips to the hospital and operating room.

Limited Side Effects | Peripulse | Epineuron

Limited Side Effects

Clinical studies in several different nerve injuries have shown no side effects from bioelectronic therapy.


Seamlessly Integrate & Effortlessly Treat Any Peripheral Nerve Injury.

Designated a FDA Breakthrough Device
Investigational Use Only.
Clinically Proven  | Peripulse | Epineuron

Clinically Proven

We deliver the most clinically validated therapy for nerve regeneration, demonstrating substantial sensory and motor improvements.

Fits Any Workflow  | Peripulse | Epineuron

Fit Any Workflow

Our miniaturized wearable stimulator and shapeable electrode replace bulky or handheld devices for therapy.

Any Nerve  | Peripulse | Epineuron

Any Nerve

Our unique shapeable electrode provides the versatility to interface any nerve, anywhere in the body.


Mechanism of Action

Electrical impulses travel up the nerve toward the cell body in the spinal cord and upregulate the production of neurotrophic factors, activating growth associated genes. This cascades into the production of structural proteins which are transported down to the site of injury where axons regenerate. 


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