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Epineuron Chosen as One of 50 Startups for Prestigious MedTech Innovator Program

Epineuron's inclusion in the MedTech Innovator program cements the startup's status as a frontrunner in the peripheral nerve industry.

MedTech Innovator Article Featuring Epineuron

Date: June 7, 2022

Epineuron, a groundbreaking bioelectronic medicine startup, has been chosen as one of the top 50 startups to join the renowned MedTech Innovator program. This exceptional recognition solidifies Epineuron's position as a leading force in the evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, particularly in the field of peripheral nerve injury.

Renowned for its exceptional ability to identify and support cutting-edge startups, the MedTech Innovator Program has gained international acclaim by accelerating the development of transformative medical technologies. With a strong focus on fostering collaboration and providing essential resources, the program strives to revolutionize patient care by bringing disruptive ideas to the forefront.

Epineuron's inclusion in the MedTech Innovator program serves as a testament to the company's pioneering efforts in the realm of peripheral nerve injury. By harnessing state-of-the-art advancements in neuroscience and engineering, Epineuron has successfully created a groundbreaking platform that holds immense potential for transforming the treatment of peripheral nerve injuries.

Sergio Aguirre, CEO and Cofounder of Epineuron at Medtech Innovator Showcase

At the core of Epineuron's platform lies the utilization of electric stimulation to enhance the inherent capacity of peripheral nerves to regenerate and promote healing. This cutting-edge technology offers a groundbreaking solution for surgeons to deliver bioelectronic therapy perioperatively, minimizing the impact to operating room time. By stimulating nerve growth, Epineuron's platform shows great promise in addressing a wide range of debilitating conditions, including traumatic nerve damage.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected for the MedTech Innovator Program," expressed Sergio Aguirre, CEO of Epineuron. "This recognition serves as a validation of our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing peripheral nerve repair and improving the lives of patients affected by nerve injuries. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with industry leaders, investors, and mentors as we work towards bringing our groundbreaking solutions to market."

Epineuron's participation in the MedTech Innovator program will provide invaluable resources, mentorship from industry experts, and exposure to an extensive network of potential partners and investors. This robust support system will play a pivotal role in advancing the development and commercialization of Epineuron's nerve repair solutions, ensuring their availability to the individuals who require them most.

With its inclusion in the MedTech Innovator program, Epineuron further solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the nerve repair industry. This recognition not only establishes a platform for collaboration and growth but also underscores the vital role that startups play in driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare.

About Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Peripheral nerve injuries are a common condition affecting millions of individuals each year. These injuries pose a broad range of symptoms, ranging from mild discomfort to life-long impairment, that greatly impact the quality of life, psychological well-being, and earning potential of a person.


Traditional treatment for these injuries is limited to surgery, however, recovery of function still remains a long and uncertain process. Outside of surgery, there are no adjunctive therapies, such as drugs or devices, to enhance patient outcomes making this a widely recognized unmet clinical need.

About Bioelectronic Therapy

Over the last 20 years, numerous studies in animals and four human clinical trials have elucidated the appropriate stimulation parameters, therapeutic dosage, mechanism of action, effect on motor and sensory neurons, and clinical utility of brief electrical stimulation of injured nerves to accelerate their regeneration.


The single 1-hour dose of treatment results in significantly earlier and greater tissue reinnervation and significantly improved functional outcomes. The bioelectronic therapy works by increasing intracellular calcium levels of the neuron, which triggers an increase in biochemical precursors that result in the upregulation of growth associated genes (GAG). The upregulation of GAGs enhances transcription of proteins that form the building blocks of regenerating axons, promoting the outgrowth of the injured nerve.

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