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Trailblazing Scientist Reunites with Epineuron: A Heartwarming Journey Through Nerve Regeneration

A heartwarming reunion took place at Epineuron headquarters as Dr. Tessa Gordon, a trailblazer in nerve regeneration research, paid a visit to catch up with familiar faces and witness the evolution of the company.

Dr. Tessa Gordon, PhD, Neuroscientist

Date: August 29, 2023

As Epineuron continues to pioneer new solutions in nerve repair, it remains dedicated to collaborating with healthcare professionals and research institutions to further advance the field and bring transformative therapies to patients worldwide. Tessa is presently a Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and of Toronto in Canada. Since graduating with her PhD from the Physiology department at the University of Birmingham, England, in 1972, her research interests have focused on the neuromuscular system after injury and disease. These were summarized in her thesis, which awarded her a doctorate of Science from her alma mater in 2016. Her team's most recent studies have focused on two things: a.) the positive effects of brief nerve electrical stimulation and b.) of neurotrphic factors on accelerating peripheral nerve regeneration and c.) the selective loss of large fast contracting motor units in Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis. They are presently examining the possibility that conversion of motor units from from fast to slow contracting may 'save' the susceptible motoneurons.

Dr. Gordon, a pioneer in the field of electrical stimulation for nerve regeneration, had a chance to reconnect with members of her lab team at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mike Willand, now Chief Technology Officer at Epineuro, Katelyn So, the Clinical Research Manager, and Marina Manoraj, a Clinical Engineer, all had the privilege of studying under Dr. Gordon's mentorship during their time in the lab.

The visit marked an exciting moment for the team, who had the opportunity to share their progress and achievements with their former mentor. Dr. Gordon spent time reminiscing about the earlier days and discussing the advancements that have taken place in the field since the last time she was in the lab. 

"The enthusiasm and passion that the Epineuron team exudes is a testament to their dedication in making a difference. Nerve regeneration research has come a long way, and their contributions are driving the field towards new horizons," commented Dr. Gordon.

Beyond reuniting with her lab group, Dr. Gordon had the chance to speak with the expanding Epineuron team as they shared their journey in the medical space.

"It was an honour to have Tessa visit our headquarters and witness the progress we've made", said Mike Willand. "Her guidance and teachings have played a pivitol role in shaping our paths. Now, seeing her proud of what we've achieved is incredibly rewarding.

As Dr. Gordon departed, the comradery and shared vision for the future serve as a reminder of the journey taken, the strides achieved, and the potential that lies ahead in transforming the landscape of nerve regeneration.

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