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First In-Human Trial

Clinically Validated Research

Successful Perioperative

We believe that patients deserve to know that the neuroregenerative therapy they receive is safe, effective, and based on solid evidence from robust clinical trials. Our TPNS system has been clinically tested and designed to help improve nerve regeneration after surgery.

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The Therapy

A single 1-hour dose of electrical stimulation accelerates and enhances sensory nerve regeneration after digital nerve repair. The REGAIN Trial will apply this neuroregenerative therapy from PeriPulse™ in the same validated clinical model.

If you want to read more about our therapy, please visit our PeriPulse™ page for more information.

Key Findings From Our Trial

The TPNS System has been proven to be an effective treatment for nerve injury. The study has been validated in 4 different nerve injury sites with a total of 110 patients using the Grass SD9 system.*


50% Increase in Motor

Patients who have received electrical stimulation have experienced significant improvements in motor function, surpassing our current standard of care.

Accelerating Nerve Repair

40% Increase in
Sensory Outcomes

The TPNS System has been proven to be effective in improving sensory acuity, discrimination, perception, and overall sensory integration.


30% Improvement Time
to Recovery

By upregulating regeneration associated genes, the TPNS System harnesses the body’s inherent healing mechanisms to expedite functional gains.

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View study on

The TPNS Feasability trial is officially registered at We encourage you to take a look at the full details.

Expanding Research Horizons

Building upon the success of this trial, our team is actively working on leveraging the knowledge gained to investigate the potential of our intervention in treating other injury sites. By adapting the techniques, protocols, and insights gleaned from this trial, we aim to extend our research to traumatic nerve injury in the hand (REGAIN™) and cubital tunnel (SELECT). See our clinical trials page for more information.

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Join our team on its mission to revolutionize nerve recovery.

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