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Revitalizing Nerves
Restoring Life

Epineuron has combined cutting-edge advances in neuroscience, surgery, and biomedical engineering to create PeriPulse™ - a groundbreaking solution to deliver a novel, drug-free, bioelectronic therapy that supercharges the regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves.

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Nerve Regeneration

Revitalizing damaged peripheral nerves with targeted electrical stimulation. Following surgical repair, a breakthrough stimulation paradigm is applied directly to the affected nerve, triggering a heightened production of vital nerve building blocks.




Designated an FDA Breakthrough device, Epineuron’s PeriPulse™ is a temporary wearable system with a shapeable electrode that delivers proprietary bioelectronic therapy for nerve regeneration. 


For Investigational Use Only.

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By offering the flexibility to deliver therapy either during or after surgery, we can provide patients with an effective treatment without disrupting standard surgical workflows or prolonging the procedure.

Perioperative Delivery

Dr. Tessa Gordon, PHD

Professor, Neuroscience

"I am excited to see Epineuron build on my pioneering work to help bring nerve regeneration therapy into the standard of care for nerve injury."

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